Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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Wee Fluffy Bums is my attempt to spread my interest in cloth diapering with anyone wondering what all the fuss is about!

My first exposure to modern cloth diapers happened over four years ago, when I witnessed a friend’s cloth diaper search while she was expecting. Prior to that experience, I thought of cloth diapers as the dust cloths my mother had been using since I was a baby. She, like so many moms living in the age of prefolds, pins, and plastic pants, choose disposables and put the cloth diapers to good use around the house. I can’t blame her for that choice, because using cloth in the past was a very different venture. However, my research over the last four years has led me to fully believe in the accessibility of the modern cloth diaper!

I just had my first child, Owen, who I am sure you will see modeling various diapers from time to time. In preparation for his birth I spent an excessive amount of time researching cloth diapers- how to care for them, the cost, the benefits and challenges, and my many options. I also devoted a significant amount of time to discussing cloth with other mamas online, and to prepping my stash. I firmly believe that preparation and research can allow any mom to fit cloth into her lifestyle if that is her desire.

Doing all of this research can really be overwhelming and so many times people say, “this is too confusing, so I won’t commit the money.” That is a valid argument only until one learns how easy it can actually be. Therefore my mission is to provide information, resources, product reviews and suggestions based on my own experiences. If I can make cloth diapering more feasible for another mom, I’ve reached my goal!

I believe this must be a collaborative effort, because I know I am not the last word in cloth diaper experience. Each mother will have a different opinion of various products, and her own unique way to approach diaper care within her lifestyle. Because of this it is my desire to include posts from guest bloggers, so that you get a rounded impression of cloth diapering, and so that they can enlighten you with helpful details that I do not know! And lastly, I would love to hear questions and comments from anyone reading. If I don’t make something clear, or if I don’t touch on a subject that confuses or concerns you, tell me please!

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