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WAHMies Deluxe One Size Pocket Diaper: Review & Giveaway!

Thanks to Cloth Diaper Market in Colorado Springs, I have the awesome opportunity to share my review of a great pocket diaper with you.  Even better is the Cloth Diaper Market's offer to sponsor a fantastic giveaway!  One (or more?) lucky reader will win their very own WAHMies one-size pocket diaper, courtesy of Cloth Diaper Market-  keep reading to find out how to win!

Owen puts the WAHMies pocket to his own test!
Tracie at CDM hooked me up with a WAHMies one-size pocket diaper to test, and it did not disappoint!

Tweak to Unique
  • The insert for this diaper is a large square of bamboo and cotton blend cloth.  The square is very thin before it is folded, resulting in a trim insert that you can customize to fit your baby's rise and absorbency needs.    
  • Against your baby's skin sits a thin yet super-soft bamboo-cotton viscose layer, which keeps baby feeling dry but also allows their skin to breathe.

Tri-folded insert, shell, and my canvas bag creeping into the frame.
  • The cut of the wings is nicely curved with only one row of snaps.  For my son, this results in a nice close fit around the waist without restricting hip and leg movement.  
  • WAHMies pockets have snaps for four different rise options, increasing the likelihood that the diaper will fit well on a newborn or a toddler.    
  • "Hydro-Assure(tm) Technology"- The waterproof PUL layer is sewn inside the shell, between the leg gussets and the viscose center.  The fabric side of the PUL touches baby's skin, not the shiny waterproof part- a great detail because some babies get a red rash from exposed PUL (mine included).  Additionally, the wrap-around waterproof fabric helps to prevent leaks around the thighs.

Function > Form
  • This one-size diaper is designed to fit babies between 7 and 30 pounds, resulting in a diaper that can work from birth through potty learning.  The overall trim fit of the diaper convinces me that it should work well with newborns without being too bulky to be practical.

  • The flat custom-fold insert dries quickly.  For me, the tri-fold bamboo-cotton WAHMies insert can dry on the line in less than an hour in the sun!  It is always dry well before my microfiber or hemp inserts.  The pocket is also fast-drying, resulting in a diaper that I can grab before anything else is ready to use!
  • The Hydro-Assure(tm) technology includes a doubled layer of waterproof fabric all the way through the snapping wings.  When you fit it properly on your baby, you can really rely on this diaper to prevent leaks!
  • Once stuffed, this pocket is easy to use- wrap around baby, fasten one row of snaps, and throw in a wet bag when soiled.  It is a perfect choice for alternate caregivers or daycare!

What Will It Cost Me?

How cute is this?!
Courtesy of Cloth Diaper Market
Other Considerations

  • WAHMies come in twelve adorable colors and prints!  Who doesn't love having a wide variety of fabric options?!  Choose from cow print, owls, giraffes, robots, Ooga Boogas, and pink- or blue-and-chocolate dots.  Solid colors include baby pink, celery, butter, chocolate, and baby blue.
  • The first time I put this diaper on my son, I admit that I had a bit of difficulty stuffing the pockets.  I believe my struggle was due, in large part, to my self-proclaimed "man hands."  I couldn't get the insert to stay where I wanted it to be in the pocket.  After a bit of adjusting I got the diaper to fit perfectly, and the next time I stuffed it I tried a new approach- and it worked.  This is what I did to adjust the length of the insert without it bunching in the shell:
    • First:  Lay the square flat in front of you.  Fold a few inches of the fabric from the top down toward you, so that the length is as desired.
    • Second: Tri-fold the insert as usual, keeping the previously folded section tucked inside the new fold.  Now you have an insert with extra absorbency on one end, that won't be difficult to stuff in the pocket.
    • Third:  Hold one end and stuff the pocket, putting the extra absorbent section in the front or back as needed.  Et voila!  You have easily stuffed the WAHMies pocket!

  • WAHMies products are made in the USA, so with every purchase you are supporting American families and the economy!  Consider this: often American-made products are more expensive than comparable options made overseas.  This product is the same price as many other popular pocket diapers on the market, but the competitor's diapers are not made in the USA. 
  • No microfiber means no microfiber stinkies!  Thus far for me, it is easy to keep the WAHMies insert smelling fresh.  I can't say the same for all the microfiber inserts I own!

My Final Word(s)

I'm so glad that I tested the WAHMies Deluxe One Size pocket diaper, because it has become one of my top go-to diapers for daytime and overnight use.  I love the flexibility of adjustable absorbency that comes with pocket diapers, and this pocket is a trim option.  I trust this diaper to prevent leaks and it has never disappointed me!  The wide variety of colors and prints make WAHMies diapers fun to own.  WAHMies are an excellent option for any mom looking for a great pocket to build her stash!

Now for the FUN part!  I am so excited to give one lucky reader their very own WAHMies Deluxe One Size pocket diaper with insert, courtesy of Cloth Diaper Market!  To enter, you must:

  1. FOLLOW Wee Fluffy Bums.
  2. COMMENT on this post and tell me which WAHMies pocket diaper print/color is your favorite!
WAHMies prints- Courtesy of Cloth Diaper Market

Optional: Share this giveaway with your friends!  Incentive?  If more than 45 people enter this giveaway, I'm going to personally throw in a second WAHMies diaper- so there will be TWO winners!  Share the love to increase your odds!

The giveaway entry period closes at the end of the day on August 7, 2011.  Using random (dot) org, I will post the winner(s) on August 8th.  Good luck!

Laundry day!

I love having a backyard with great sun exposure.  Besides learning to garden, I can finally give my diapers the sunning they need to keep them looking nice.  Gotta love a free, natural fix for staining!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ode to my Diaper Sprayer

Little diaper sprayer, you changed my cloth diapering world.  At first I didn't need you because my washing machine was strong enough to combat simple breastfed baby poo.  Life moved along easily, and I was blissfully unaware of the poop that was in my future.

When I started to let my baby try some pureed foods, I met Mr. Peanut Butter Poo.  He was an unwelcome adversary.  He stuck to my diapers and forced me to use toilet paper to clean them off.  Sometimes I would try to swish Mr. PBP off in the toilet, only to clumsily drop an entire diaper insert in the murky water.  Gross.

I'm not overly squeamish around poop, diaper sprayer.  It smells bad and looks funny, but I can control my gag reflex regardless (unless I am pregnant, then all bets are off).  But reaching my hand into a cloudy toilet bowl to retrieve a diaper really brought some perspective into my life.  Maybe I should just spend the $45 and try a diaper sprayer after all.  I'm not living in gold-rush-era Colorado, so why am I making this hard on myself?  

You arrived in the mail and my wonderful husband easily attached you to the toilet.  He had to try a few times to stop you from leaking, but it was a quick and painless job.  As an added bonus, you made him feel proud of himself- he can be handy, see?  (Thanks for that, diaper sprayer.)

I won't lie and say we didn't have to get used to each other.  I had a few incidents in which I didn't harness your powerful water pressure, and you sent water flying all over the toilet seat and my legs.  I'll forgive you if you'll forgive me.  Before long, I discovered the best way to use you- diaper in left hand, hanging down.  Sprayer in right hand, facing straight into toilet bowl.  Spray close to diaper, but in the same direction as the hanging cloth so the water gets under the poop and pushes it right off.  

Now that we understand each other, cleaning poopy diapers is so simple.  I don't know how I'd handle solids-poop without you in my life.  You were worth every penny I spent to adopt you into my family.  I only hope that other moms using cloth diapers will consider bringing one of your siblings home to live with them, because it will make their lives easier!

I love you, diaper sprayer!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who wants a 20% discount?

Cloth Diaper Market is trying to reach 2,000 fans before this weekend is over.  If they make their goal, they are going to offer a store and SITE-wide 20% sale (there may be some exclusions).  This is a great chance to try out the Rocky Mountain Diapers, which get rave reviews from yours truly, for an awesome discounted price.  Go to their Facebook page, LIKE them, and pass the word on to your friends!  Let's get a discount!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Steal It Now!

Please, someone go to Baby Steals soon and snag one of these diapers.  I can't justify it, being that I have a boy.  This is a Blueberry diaper with a bamboo insert, for only $13.95.  Awesome!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Have a Winner!

The winner of the GroVia Magic Stick is...

(insert drum roll here)

Ashlee, comment #18! Congratulations!

Please contact me at: weefluffybums (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your freebie!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mother-Ease Swim Diaper: Review

One of my favorite activities to enjoy with my son is a relaxing trip to a swimming pool. I grew up in a very water-enthused family and spent countless hours with my mom at pools as she coached swim teams or taught lessons. I can't remember a time I wasn't going in the pool with my parents. I spent the better portion of my pregnancy daydreaming about taking my baby swimming as soon as it would be safe- usually while lounging in a pool trying to stave off the pregnancy exhaustion and aches. Choosing a swim diaper was incredibly important to me!

Public pool = cloth required!
Cloth swim diapers are actually required at many public pools, because they contain messes more reliably and there is no risk of the chemical innards leaking out into the pool when they become too saturated with water.  (Reminder: no swim diaper is designed to contain urine.  Their function is to trap poop and save the pool from requiring a chemical shock.)  Enter the Mother-Ease swim diaper. Currently available in seven solid and print combinations, this diaper is my reigning favorite. There are several reasons that I heartily endorse the Mother-Ease swim diaper.

Tweak to Unique

  • SNAPS! On a swim diaper, snaps are your best friend. They allow you to use the diaper without potentially smearing a mess, the way a pull-up swim diaper would. I also prefer a snap diaper over velcro, because my son can easily pull velcro open. I don't want to have an incident on my hands while we're relaxing at the pool!
  • This swim diaper fastens at the hips, off to the sides.  I love the trim fit and look that side-snaps provide.
  • The fabric used feels and looks like a real swimsuit, so layering a real bathing suit is optional.  This is awesome when your baby is too small to fit in most suits; ex: all trunks slide right off of my son's small frame!  
  • If you are looking for fun colors or patterns, look no further!  Mother-Ease swim diapers absolutely deliver.

Function > Form

Too small for a suit, perfect for a swim diaper!
  • The mesh liner of this diaper really elevates the function.  It adds a second layer of coverage to catch any surprises.  It is super-soft, just like the shell, so your baby will love wearing the diaper.
  • The elastic in the legs and waist is not too thick, and has the perfect amount of stretch.  This might sound funny, but the only way I can think to describe it is: you know how uncomfortable it is when a pair of unmentionables has that elastic that folds and digs in strange ways?  Yeah, this diaper does NOT do that.  
  • Unlike some swim diapers that fasten in front, there are no wing flaps to restrict your baby's leg movement.  My son especially loves flailing his legs around, so this is important to me.  

What Will It Cost Me?
  • When I bought my Mother-Ease swim diaper last fall, I paid significantly less than they currently cost.  Today you will spend $22.95 for this diaper.  

Other Considerations

  • The sizing on this diaper is fantastic, because one size should last your baby for a respectable amount of time.  Size small fits babies 10 lbs through 18 lbs; medium works for 18 to 30 pounds; large is designed for kiddos 30 to 40 pounds.  My son is currently just over 16 lbs and has been wearing his small diaper since he was four months old.  He still has room to grow, and I don't think I'll need to buy the next size until this fall at least.
  • The fabric quality is excellent in that it is very snag-resistant.  We've had a few scrapes against rough textures (pool concrete, etc.) and there are absolutely no snags or pulls in the shell.  

Wearing his Mother-Ease at five months old, about 12 lbs.
My Final Word(s)

Despite this price jump, I still highly recommend the Mother-Ease swim diaper.  I plan to buy the next size for Owen once he outgrows size small.  There are other brands of swim diapers which are very comparable and have lower price points, so I will most likely try- and review for you!- those options.  For now, I suggest the Mother-Ease swim diaper as a sure thing!


Today is the last day to enter the GroVia Magic Stick giveaway! I'll post the winner tomorrow morning- July 21st. Can't wait to see who gets the freebie! Good luck!

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Freebie: A Short (Bad) Poem

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I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, July 20th 2011. Winner will be selected using Remember, to be entered you must both follow this blog, and leave a comment on this post!
If you enter to win the GroVia Magic Stick, you'll be all set to enter for my next giveaway, coming soon... :o)

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In Other Words...

My goals in writing this blog are to share the excitement I feel for cloth diapering, while making it accessible to parents who are considering taking the leap to cloth, and perhaps helping other seasoned pros to find new products, tips, or ways to talk to others about their choice to use cloth diapers. I have a passion for sharing this information, and I enjoy soaking up collective knowledge from much more experienced mothers. I definitely am not working under the delusion that I know all the answers- in fact the more I learn about cloth diapering, the more I believe that there are no right answers. The best answer is the one that works for you and your family.

I want to encourage and give guidance, but many times I find myself looking for guidance as well! In the spirit of sharing experience and support, I have asked a few experienced cloth diapering mothers to tell me about their own journey with cloth. They told me what led them to this diapering alternative; what they like about it and what they find difficult; their favorite diapers and their own tricks to making cloth diapering easy and fun. This is what I learned.

The Legacy We Leave

Anna (who happens to be the woman behind the gorgeous nursing covers of Lily & Sparrow) shares the conviction that leads so many of us to a variety of "green" lifestyle choices- she "didn't want to leave a legacy of waste for [her] daughters." To me, this quote sums up the biggest impact we can have through cloth diapering- we have an opportunity to decrease the negative impacts that our culture has steadily, increasingly been heaping on our planet.

Lauren, who has used cloth with both of her children, prioritizes the reasons she and her husband chose cloth diapering: cutting down on waste, knowing exactly what chemicals were being used on their children, and saving money over time. The chemicals used in disposable diapers seem to be low on some people's radar, but Lauren and her husband are committed to sharing the effects of toxins on our bodies- check out their incredible project, the documentary film Acceptable Levels. I believe that their research on toxins in our daily lives can be more thorough than I ever could.

Though the opportunity to be economical and financially savvy is an important factor in the decision to use cloth, caring for the environment is absolutely a top priority in the cloth diapering community. Being "green" is trendy right now, and this is one trend that we can all support- because in the end, this trend will leave less waste and less of a carbon footprint than most other popular cultural trends.

Preconceptions & Misconceptions

People tend to believe that cloth diapering will be a ton of work- that was what kept Jennifer from trying cloth with her first daughter. As a new mother, she worried that using cloth would become overwhelming. Now that she has experienced motherhood and cloth diapering her second child, she says "cloth diapering is SO much easier and [more] fun than I thought it would be! I really wish I had cloth diapered with my first." Anna thought that doing the laundry was going to be a horrible, disgusting experience. Now she shares that "it has really been a lot cleaner and easier" than she expected.

Truthfully, aren't these two of the biggest obstacles that people feel will prevent them from choosing cloth? The worries that the amount of work involved will be overwhelming, and that dealing with your baby's diaper waste will be too much to stomach, seem to cross every mom's mind. What I took from these answers was that I wasn't alone in those concerns, but I am also not alone in my realization that nothing is as bad as I imagined it could be. The take home message: if you feel strongly about trying cloth diapers, don't let your fears prevent you from giving it a go. Others have worried, tested, and come out with success stories! You can, too.

Getting Started & Overcoming Obstacles

It seems that everyone experiences some of the anxiety involved in putting together a starter stash of diapers. Anna spent lots of time researching, but in hindsight realizes that is "about as helpful as researching which pair of jeans would fit [her] best!" Her experience found her reselling many of her early diaper purchases as she learned what fit her daughter, and which styles worked best for her. Based on her research, Anna believed that hybrid diapers would be her favorites- but experience led her to a preference for all-in-one diapers! To avoid this complication, she highly suggests renting a trial package (her favorite is through Itsy Bitsy Bums) to get some hands-on experience.

In retrospect, Lauren wishes she had not committed to one system before giving it a try. For her son, the stash initially consisted solely of gDiapers, and when her daughter arrived, she struggled with leaks due to difficult fit issues. Lauren found that trying a new diaper (Sunbaby) and testing different combinations of doublers led to the perfect diapering solution for her little girl.

For Jennifer, getting started seemed overwhelming because of the "lingo" used in the cloth diapering community! The incredible variety of diaper options became overwhelming, and luckily she was able to turn to a friend (and some online support!) to get clear and simple answers. She hopes other moms will realize that you don't need tons of things to get started! (Here are my suggestions: Back to Basics.)

Anna experienced an obstacle when she realized that her daughter was having bad rash reactions to synthetic fibers. Her solution was to sell any diapers that used synthetic fabrics, and to stock up on brands such as GroVia all-in-one, Bright Star Baby, and Bottom Bumpers- all of which use natural fibers. Discovering this problem early on helped her to successfully navigate the pitfall and continue to cloth diaper her daughter.

What We Think of Disposables

In general, we're not big fans. Once you have a cloth diapering system that works for you, disposables just don't seem very appealing. Anna says that cloth diapers mean "fewer blowouts, no rashes, saving money, and a cuter bum!" Jennifer cites the cuteness of cloth as a perk- and disposable companies are taking note of this. They are knocking off cloth diapers by introducing designer prints, and who hasn't seen those "jeans" diapers? Sadly for them, the cost of those diapers widens the gap between the natural perks of cloth and the drawbacks of disposables. And as Lauren points out, not needing to run to the store every week and spend money on diapers is awesome!

Dealing With Negativity & Sharing the Joys of Cloth

As with most parenting choices, cloth diapering can lead to some pretty interesting reactions from family, friends, and even strangers! Anna's family member asked if her daughter was wearing a cloth diaper "on purpose?" A well-contained blow-out diaper later convinced the cousin that cloth was a valid- maybe even superior!- choice. Jennifer is more often met with surprise than with overt negativity- "like it is silly to be concerned about the environment." When I was pregnant, I was shocked when a girl responded to my plan to use cloth with, "we'll see how long that lasts." I hope she has since seen that dedication to such a plan is both possible and fulfilling!

Sometimes all it takes to spread the word about modern cloth diapering, is to let it all hang out. A fellow congregation member became interested in cloth diapering after simply seeing Anna's daughter's diapers. Lauren realizes that sharing cloth diapering is as easy as letting strangers see how cute the diapers are- curiosity naturally follows.

Diapers We Desire

It seems that the diaper that moms most want to try is ANY diaper by a well-established Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM). Maybe you didn't know that there is a competitive arena for cloth diapering moms; if you get a thrill out of Ebay auctions and the like, you will probably love stalking a WAHM's wares. These diapers can be incredibly difficult to score, as you have to follow sales pages on sites such as Hyena Cart, and "win" the diapers posted before one of hundreds of moms finishes the checkout process. Some of the diaper brands are reported to be excellent quality and design, so it is no surprise that we less-fortunate (read: non-winning) moms are curious!

To illustrate the fact that different styles work for each family, I'll share the following: Anna loves Bright Star Baby, GroVia AIOs, and Bottom Bumpers; Jennifer loves her prefolds with Kissaluvs covers; Lauren loves using Sunbaby diapers and wants to try FuzziBunz. As for myself, right now I love fitteds, Rocky Mountain Diapers, and any natural-fiber all-in-one!

Working It Out

Jennifer is a working mom, and she manages to keep up with the cloth diaper laundry with some careful planning and preparation. She says she is lucky to have a daycare that is completely supportive of cloth diapering- a challenge for many working moms. Jennifer washes her diapers each night, even though she has enough of a stash to last 2-3 days between laundering. She prefers to stay on top of things so that there are no surprises- like a day where her daughter needs more diapers than usual. She suggests having a location to store all the diapers needed for the next workday- a grocery bag works for her- and pre-stuffing (she uses pockets for daycare) all of the diapers the night prior. Jennifer adds a wetbag for the daycare provider and is ready to leave the next morning.

Things You Should Try

Anna suggests using Spot's Corner on Hyena Cart to find a wide variety of used diapers. She also urges other moms to follow the manufacturer's care instructions on all new diapers, so that you don't void your warranty! She is a big fan of coconut oil, and along with her wet bags, cloth wipes and diapers, she manages to cloth diaper without any fancy extras.

Jennifer loves using her homemade cloth wipes and makes her own solution. She highly recommends picking up a few hemp doublers (and I second this suggestion!) for heavy wetters or overnight use. Her husband built (yes, you read that correctly- how handy!) her a diaper sprayer, which is one of her favorite extras.

Lauren echoes the suggestion to use a diaper sprayer once your child begins solid foods- it is not a necessity, but a convenient bonus item. She suggests buying pants one size larger than usual to make room for the extra fluff- though if your child is smaller than average, like mine, you might not need to size-up. Lauren also warns against using too much Dawn when stripping diapers. Going overboard can lead to lots of extra rinse cycles, as she found out first hand when she was starting out.


I hope you have enjoyed hearing about cloth diapering experiences from three other experienced moms. Many thanks to Anna, Jennifer, and Lauren for sharing their stories with me!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rocky Mountain Diapers : Review

Rocky Mountain Diapers are the brainchild of the Colorado Springs Cloth Diaper Market. RMDs are a one-size pocket diaper, and they are available in the store, or online for those not so lucky as to live in Colorado.

I love a good pocket diaper, and this diaper is a superb option that can fulfill your needs from birth to potty learning. Truthfully, this is the closest thing to my perfect diaper that I've tried. The design is nothing earth-shattering, but there are a few little tweaks to common problems with other brands of diapers that make Rocky Mountain Diapers a cut above the competition.

Tweak to Unique

  • The diaper is so easy to adjust and put on baby. Instead of filling the front of the diaper with snaps to change the rise, the fit can be adjusted through elastic along the leg gussets. There are snaps along the length of the hidden elastic, which makes it so simple to tighten the leg and snap it into place. If you have used a FuzziBunz one-size diaper, the idea is the same. I always find it frustrating to get the elastic over the little buttons in the FuzziBunz OS diaper, so the snap in the Rocky Mountain Diaper is a great detail in my book.
Photo courtesty of Cloth Diaper Market dot com
  • The snap system on the front of the diaper has a clean look and is easy to figure out. My family has had issues when trying to use snap diapers with multiple rows of snaps- what comes easily to me, since I use the diapers every day, seems confusing to those new to cloth diapers. RMDs have just one row of snaps along the front. Because the leg holes can be customized to your baby, I find that the second row of snaps isn't necessary. In fact, Owen seems to have a better range of motion at his hips in this diaper!
  • The inside of this diaper is made of a super-soft suede inner, which keeps baby feeling dry. Again, compared to FuzziBunz, this inside cloth seems preferable because it holds less heat in the diaper.
  • The pocket is nice and wide and therefore easily stuffed, and there is a flap over the pocket hole to keep the insert and lining fully inside the diaper. Some pockets skip the addition of this flap, and I find that I have to tuck the lining into the back of those diapers. I never have that problem with Rocky Mountain Diapers.
  • The microfiber insert is long enough to last through potty learning, and can be folded over to add absorbency when your baby needs a lower rise setting. I put the fold of mine in the front so the diaper can last through naps or nighttime use.
  • The color options are adorable! I love the fact that the suede lining of RMDs coordinates with the PUL shell of each diaper style. The way the leg gussets are cut allows you to see a peek of the lining. It is such a thoughtful little touch that makes the diapers look great. A few of the color combinations available include Chocolate and Berry, Mango and Lime, and Grapefruit and Lemon. (Don't they sound like delicious sorbet choices?!) There are also some wonderful prints, including girly Ooga Boogas, Robots, and Giraffes- which you can see Owen modelling in this post!
Function > Form

  • This diaper is easy to stuff, wrap around your baby, and fasten to the right setting around the waist. The legs adjustments are simple to figure out and can easily be changed as your baby grows.
  • Washing and drying is no problem with RMDs. Your normal laundry routine should be plenty to keep both the insert and the shell clean. The diaper will dry more quickly than some other styles because the insert can go through the dryer OR hang on the line. The shell will quickly dry on a line, since it alone has no absorbency.
  • Because the insert is microfiber, you may run into some stink issues over time- that is just the nature of the fiber. There are multiple options for dealing with this problem, should it arise- and frankly, if you have other microfiber diapers and you battle stink, you'll be dealing with all of your microfiber inserts. This potential issue is NOT unique to RMDs and I don't mention it as a deterrent, just as a bit of realism.
  • Rocky Mountain Diapers can deal with a great amount of urine or poo and not betray how hard they are working. Let's just say that my son has tested the limits of the diaper through overnight use and a huge blowout, and I've been completely impressed with the performance of the diaper. No leaks whatsoever, and no staining issues either.
What Will It Cost Me?

Rocky Mountain Diapers currently run $19.95 per diaper, which is on par with the cost of comparable one-size pocket diapers. When purchasing online, shipping will cost about $5.00- though I was offered Free Shipping when perusing the check-out page! Great deal!

Other Considerations

  • If you have an extremely heavy wetter, you can use a doubler in this pocket diaper- a hemp insert would be perfect. The pocket has plenty of room for this type of customization.
  • These diapers are entirely made in the United States, which is great if you're interested in buying American products. If you live in Colorado Springs, you can support a local business by getting your diapers right at the store.
  • The brains behind this awesome diaper are real people- really super nice people, actually! If you check out the Cloth Diaper Market's Facebook page, you'll see proof that they are great with offering cloth diapering support and customer service support as well. Personally, that is the kind of business I'm happy to patronize!
My Final Word(s)
I give Rocky Mountain Diapers one-size pocket diaper an average of 3.75 thumbs up out of a possible perfect 4! It is an easy to use, well-made, reliable diapering option perfect for babies from birth through potty learning. The excellent quality and wonderful function of the diaper make it worth the price tag. It would be ideal for nap times, overnight, heavy wetters, or babies in daycare.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wee Fluffy Bum: Red, White, and Blue Edition

Happy Independence Day!

Owen is wearing a BumGenius! 4.0 Artist Series snap diaper.

A FuzziBunz one size diaper.

A Tiny Tush one size fitted diaper.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cloth Diaper Market: Colorado Springs

I had an exciting experience this week: I was able to visit my first cloth diaper store!

There are a number of perks to my new living situation- beautiful views, close proximity to many of my favorite stores and restaurants, walking distance to my husband's job, and we finally have a home that doesn't share a surface with another person's living space. The icing on my Colorado Springs cupcake was the discovery of Cloth Diaper Market, a brick-and-mortar diapering store only a few minutes away from my house. Sweet.
Cloth Diaper Market is a dream come true if you love natural parenting options. I walked in and the wall covered in colorful cloth brought a smile to my face. The store is laid out neatly, with minimalist furniture that accents the items for sale. There are beautiful canvas photos of cherubic children on the brightly painted walls. A diaper changing station and playroom at the back make this a kid-friendly shopping destination. Their offerings include a variety of diapering options and brands, adorable wet bags in many sizes, excellent babywearing carriers, cute baby t-shirts promoting cloth diapers, wool dryer balls, natural and locally made skincare products, and so much more! I was impressed with the variety and quality of all of the products. The prices were comparable to any online cloth diapering retailer, but there is no shipping cost in-store which is a great perk.

Tracie, one of the owners, welcomed us to the store and gave us a tour. I was able to try on a Boba carrier (I must get one!) and I learned about the brands of cloth diapers offered. Rocky Mountain Diapers are the brainchild of Cloth Diaper Market, and they are a great one size option with adjustable elastic sizing in the shell. Wahmies are natural-fiber diapers designed by a work-at-home-mom; they feature soft bamboo inserts. The Tiny Tush brand offers incredibly soft fitted diapers, some of which are made of hemp and include an extra insert for added overnight absorbency. Tiny Tush also makes prefolds, and covers for their diapers. DryBees are an all-in-one diaper with hook-and-loop closures that look extremely child-proof! Between all the diapers offered, the store is a rainbow of bright and muted colors and fun prints. All of the brands carried are produced in the United States- what a great way to support our economy while protecting our environment!

I left the store with a Tiny Tush one size fitted in blue, a Rocky Mountain Diapers one size in an adorable giraffe print, some natural insect repellent by Honu Naturals, and a great wet bag in the perfect size for travel. At present, I'm prepping the diapers, really looking forward to testing them out and sharing my thoughts!

Check out the online store to try some of these exciting options, and if you are in the Colorado Springs area, Cloth Diaper Market will be worth the trip! Keep reading for future reviews and- spoiler!- giveaways through this blog!