Monday, September 19, 2011

Score a Deal!

Baby Half Off is having a big cloth diaper sale right now!  There are some great prices and cute diapers available.

This is a Bum Cheeks OS denim-style nappy with patriotic star detailing.  Baby Half Off is selling this diaper for $15, 60% off of the retail price!
Bum Cheeks OS denim nappy
Natural Baby Company, the makers of GroVia products, used to produce a sized fitted diaper called Dream-Eze.  This cult-favorite diaper is no longer being produced, but is known for a trim fit and organic fabric.  It costs only $8.50- regular retail is $20!

Natural Baby Company Dream Eze fitted diaper
 If you want to test some new diapers, or are just building a stash, there are some awesome opportunities in this sale!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Stash Sunday

I decided that as the author of this blog, I needed to participate in the stash-sharing action!  The banner atop my page is a very early photo of the diapers I was collecting for my son, well over a year ago.  In the past year, my collection of diapers has definitely changed- and grown!  I'm frequently reassessing our diapering needs, and of course I constantly have the temptation to try new diapers and products- so I can write about them, of course.  *wink*

My stash, minus a few in the diaper pail!
Right now I am diapering one baby, my (nearly) 11-month-old son.  We used disposable diapers in the hospital and part of the time until his cord stump fell off at about 2 weeks old.  When he was born he was 6 pounds 2 ounces- a tiny boy.  We found that Lil' Joeys and newborn-sized prefolds and covers were still a bit large, but they did the job.  We transitioned him to his one-size diapers when he was just over one month old- about the same time he reached 7.5 pounds.

Hybrid diapers
My current stash includes roughly 40 diapers and 5 separate covers.  I have additional inserts available for my Flips, both stay-dry and organic.  I also have a few hemp inserts, fleece liners, and stay-dry doublers.  Auxiliary items include an array of wet bags in varying sizes, two pail liners for the dirty diapers, and 48 cloth wipes.  I can do laundry every third day, but when I have the time I wash every other day to keep the diapers from developing strong odors.
Assorted covers
Pocket diapers
When I first started cloth diapering, I was in love with the concept of the hybrid diaper.  I didn't understand why anyone would desire a fitted diaper, and I thought that all-in-ones were too "fancy" for me.  (No, I can't really explain that thought process.  Blame it on pregnancy hormones?)

AIO diapers
Fitted diapers

Today, I have discovered that hybrid diapers can be useful, but they are nowhere near my favorite style.  I like using pocket diapers when I'm at home during the day, as well as all-in-one diapers with organic fabrics.  For night time I think that fitted diapers are awesome, and when we go out I prefer to take Flips with stay-dry inserts because I can fit tons of them in my diaper bag.  On vacation I like to use GroVia shells and BioSoakers.

The biggest thing I've realized is that I greatly prefer natural fabrics.  I'm not a fan of microfiber.  This is largely due to my son's sensitive skin.  I also find that natural fabrics are easier to keep clean and stink-free, while microfiber tends to harbor smells more frequently.  My goal for our next child is to switch out our microfiber inserts for natural inserts, such as the WAHMies bamboo viscose folded insert, or hemp contoured inserts.

Cloth wipes for home and travel; my wipe solution spray bottle; my trusty GroVia Magic stick!

This is how we store our cloth wipes.

Part of my wet bag collection.

Our diaper storage solution.

The diaper pail and liner.

The brands of diapers in my stash include BumGeinus! Elemental and 4.0 pocket; Fishnoodles AIO; Bright Star Baby covers; Tiny Tush OS fitteds; Thirsties fitteds and Duo covers; a Chinese fitted tester; GroVia AIO and hybrid; FuzziBunz OS and perfect size; WAHMies pockets; Rocky Mountain Diapers pockets; Flips stay-dry and organic; Drybees overnight pocket; Royal Bum Diapers cover; and a custom cover from a WAHM friend.  I'm happy with the stash I've collected for my son, but of course I'm constantly looking for new diapers to test out!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bright Star Baby SALE!

I'm so excited about this sale from Bright Star Baby!  It runs from September 15-30 and includes all of their AIO diapers, covers, and even their cute matching shirts.  I adore my Bright Star Baby products- I have an AIO and a side-snap cover- and I'm working on a review.  To keep it brief, the review will be good.  If you are looking for a great natural fiber AIO option, or if you like side-snap diapers (I think they are more trim) then check out this sale!

Bright Star Baby Sale Announcement

BSB AIOs - courtesy of Bright Star Baby

Monday, September 12, 2011

New, New, New!

New Flip-style trainers!  New stay-dry AIO!  New bright colors!  New Artist series!

There is big news from Cotton Babies.  Their fall lineup includes fresh spins on old favorites, and some innovative new products to meet the needs of a wider variety of cloth diapering families.

Mirror - courtesy of BumGeinus!
Personally, I'm obsessed with Mirror- a gorgeous, rich teal; and Albert- a black and white ode to Einstein. Check out their Fall Product Announcement video and get excited!
Sassy - courtesy of BumGenius!

Dazzle - courtesy of BumGenius!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A WAHM Sale!

Royal Bum Diapers is a new Hyena Cart store from a WAHM, specializing in AI2 diapers.  I have a Spiderman cover from this WAHM and I absolutely love every aspect of the diaper.  The fit is great, the quality is wonderful and of course the fabric is totally adorable.  I have not tried her soaker inserts, for the record.
My little guy in his Royal Bum Diaper, Spiderman print

Getting into trouble!

The store is having a 25% off sale through the rest of this weekend.  You can choose a diaper ready-made, or get a custom slot!  Hopefully this will give some people an opportunity to try out a WAHM diaper, if that's a desire.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eco Sprout, Tiny Bubbles, Country Save, and Rockin' Green!

Sorry I've been missing this past week!  I guess you could say I gave myself a little vacation, mostly to deal with my son's teething-related clinginess.  Baby comes first!

There was a clear winner in the poll for which detergent you'd like to test out.  Eco Sprout had the most votes and therefore, you should keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming EcoSprout sample giveaway!

Tiny Bubbles, Country Save, and Rockin' Green tied for the second place position.  I'm leaning toward doing a sample giveaway and review for each one- sound like a good plan?  Make sure to check back frequently so you don't miss the giveaways!  I, for one, am looking forward to trying some new detergents and sharing my thoughts.

Super Stash Saturday!: Mama Haley Edition

Hello Saturday, and hello reader!  It is a beautiful day and time for another Super Stash profile!  Today I'm featuring mama Haley's collection of pretty prints and cheeky colors.  Haley's stash is about the same size as mine, and similarly varied, but with a strong dose of femininity!  Enjoy!

Cuteness!  Note the Planet Wise wipes and case in the bottom right.  I love those!

How many babies are you diapering?
Right now I just have one, she is about 7 months old.

How many diapers are in your stash?
35 if you count inserts and you don't count covers.

Snaps, velcro, sized, OS, AIO, pocket, print, solid.  Variety can be your best friend!

When you first got started, what diapers made up your stash?
When I first got started I didn't really know how many different styles and brands were out there so at first I only had 19 Rumparooz, 14 Lil' Joeys, 5 GroVia shells, and 10 GroVia inserts.

WAHMs use some adorable fabrics!
What kind of variety do you have now?
Now I have a lot of variety!  I still have quite a few Rumparooz, but I also have a Swaddlebees Simplex, Happy Heinys, Best Bottoms covers and hemp inserts, Rocky Mountain Diapers, Dry Bees, Tot Bots, and a few WAHM diapers.

What led you to make any changes?
Well I sold all of the Lil' Joeys since my little one was a big baby and never really wore them, which gave me some money to try some new things.  I also really like the idea of made in the USA, and I wanted to try some sized diapers and some AIO, and I really wanted to bump up the 
cuteness of my stash.  

What are your most favorite diapers, and who made them?
My favorite has to be the Swaddlebees Simplex, I am super excited to get more of them and try the 2.0s!

Do you have a favorite brand or WAHM?  
I have many different favorites for different types.  Swaddlebees is my favorite for a sized AIO.  Best Bottoms is the best AI2 system that I have tried, and WAHM are the best pockets.

Friday, September 2, 2011

GroVia's New Products and BabySteal!

GroVia announced some exciting new products today, including OS trainers for potty-learning, new colors (teal and dark grey), a new stay-dry soaker for their hybrid diapers, AND a cool starter kit coming in December!

PLUS today you can grab their diapers on BabySteals for awesome prices!  Their AIOs are especially wonderful because they use natural fibers inside, have a nice trim fit, and are one-size!  They still have colors for boys and girls in stock, so check it out before they're gone!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Birthday Remembrance

This post is dedicated to Kellie Staats on her birthday.  You can learn more about Kellie's story at Another Day Stronger.