Saturday, September 10, 2011

Super Stash Saturday!: Mama Haley Edition

Hello Saturday, and hello reader!  It is a beautiful day and time for another Super Stash profile!  Today I'm featuring mama Haley's collection of pretty prints and cheeky colors.  Haley's stash is about the same size as mine, and similarly varied, but with a strong dose of femininity!  Enjoy!

Cuteness!  Note the Planet Wise wipes and case in the bottom right.  I love those!

How many babies are you diapering?
Right now I just have one, she is about 7 months old.

How many diapers are in your stash?
35 if you count inserts and you don't count covers.

Snaps, velcro, sized, OS, AIO, pocket, print, solid.  Variety can be your best friend!

When you first got started, what diapers made up your stash?
When I first got started I didn't really know how many different styles and brands were out there so at first I only had 19 Rumparooz, 14 Lil' Joeys, 5 GroVia shells, and 10 GroVia inserts.

WAHMs use some adorable fabrics!
What kind of variety do you have now?
Now I have a lot of variety!  I still have quite a few Rumparooz, but I also have a Swaddlebees Simplex, Happy Heinys, Best Bottoms covers and hemp inserts, Rocky Mountain Diapers, Dry Bees, Tot Bots, and a few WAHM diapers.

What led you to make any changes?
Well I sold all of the Lil' Joeys since my little one was a big baby and never really wore them, which gave me some money to try some new things.  I also really like the idea of made in the USA, and I wanted to try some sized diapers and some AIO, and I really wanted to bump up the 
cuteness of my stash.  

What are your most favorite diapers, and who made them?
My favorite has to be the Swaddlebees Simplex, I am super excited to get more of them and try the 2.0s!

Do you have a favorite brand or WAHM?  
I have many different favorites for different types.  Swaddlebees is my favorite for a sized AIO.  Best Bottoms is the best AI2 system that I have tried, and WAHM are the best pockets.

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