Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cloth Diaper Market: Colorado Springs

I had an exciting experience this week: I was able to visit my first cloth diaper store!

There are a number of perks to my new living situation- beautiful views, close proximity to many of my favorite stores and restaurants, walking distance to my husband's job, and we finally have a home that doesn't share a surface with another person's living space. The icing on my Colorado Springs cupcake was the discovery of Cloth Diaper Market, a brick-and-mortar diapering store only a few minutes away from my house. Sweet.
Cloth Diaper Market is a dream come true if you love natural parenting options. I walked in and the wall covered in colorful cloth brought a smile to my face. The store is laid out neatly, with minimalist furniture that accents the items for sale. There are beautiful canvas photos of cherubic children on the brightly painted walls. A diaper changing station and playroom at the back make this a kid-friendly shopping destination. Their offerings include a variety of diapering options and brands, adorable wet bags in many sizes, excellent babywearing carriers, cute baby t-shirts promoting cloth diapers, wool dryer balls, natural and locally made skincare products, and so much more! I was impressed with the variety and quality of all of the products. The prices were comparable to any online cloth diapering retailer, but there is no shipping cost in-store which is a great perk.

Tracie, one of the owners, welcomed us to the store and gave us a tour. I was able to try on a Boba carrier (I must get one!) and I learned about the brands of cloth diapers offered. Rocky Mountain Diapers are the brainchild of Cloth Diaper Market, and they are a great one size option with adjustable elastic sizing in the shell. Wahmies are natural-fiber diapers designed by a work-at-home-mom; they feature soft bamboo inserts. The Tiny Tush brand offers incredibly soft fitted diapers, some of which are made of hemp and include an extra insert for added overnight absorbency. Tiny Tush also makes prefolds, and covers for their diapers. DryBees are an all-in-one diaper with hook-and-loop closures that look extremely child-proof! Between all the diapers offered, the store is a rainbow of bright and muted colors and fun prints. All of the brands carried are produced in the United States- what a great way to support our economy while protecting our environment!

I left the store with a Tiny Tush one size fitted in blue, a Rocky Mountain Diapers one size in an adorable giraffe print, some natural insect repellent by Honu Naturals, and a great wet bag in the perfect size for travel. At present, I'm prepping the diapers, really looking forward to testing them out and sharing my thoughts!

Check out the online store to try some of these exciting options, and if you are in the Colorado Springs area, Cloth Diaper Market will be worth the trip! Keep reading for future reviews and- spoiler!- giveaways through this blog!

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