Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mother-Ease Swim Diaper: Review

One of my favorite activities to enjoy with my son is a relaxing trip to a swimming pool. I grew up in a very water-enthused family and spent countless hours with my mom at pools as she coached swim teams or taught lessons. I can't remember a time I wasn't going in the pool with my parents. I spent the better portion of my pregnancy daydreaming about taking my baby swimming as soon as it would be safe- usually while lounging in a pool trying to stave off the pregnancy exhaustion and aches. Choosing a swim diaper was incredibly important to me!

Public pool = cloth required!
Cloth swim diapers are actually required at many public pools, because they contain messes more reliably and there is no risk of the chemical innards leaking out into the pool when they become too saturated with water.  (Reminder: no swim diaper is designed to contain urine.  Their function is to trap poop and save the pool from requiring a chemical shock.)  Enter the Mother-Ease swim diaper. Currently available in seven solid and print combinations, this diaper is my reigning favorite. There are several reasons that I heartily endorse the Mother-Ease swim diaper.

Tweak to Unique

  • SNAPS! On a swim diaper, snaps are your best friend. They allow you to use the diaper without potentially smearing a mess, the way a pull-up swim diaper would. I also prefer a snap diaper over velcro, because my son can easily pull velcro open. I don't want to have an incident on my hands while we're relaxing at the pool!
  • This swim diaper fastens at the hips, off to the sides.  I love the trim fit and look that side-snaps provide.
  • The fabric used feels and looks like a real swimsuit, so layering a real bathing suit is optional.  This is awesome when your baby is too small to fit in most suits; ex: all trunks slide right off of my son's small frame!  
  • If you are looking for fun colors or patterns, look no further!  Mother-Ease swim diapers absolutely deliver.

Function > Form

Too small for a suit, perfect for a swim diaper!
  • The mesh liner of this diaper really elevates the function.  It adds a second layer of coverage to catch any surprises.  It is super-soft, just like the shell, so your baby will love wearing the diaper.
  • The elastic in the legs and waist is not too thick, and has the perfect amount of stretch.  This might sound funny, but the only way I can think to describe it is: you know how uncomfortable it is when a pair of unmentionables has that elastic that folds and digs in strange ways?  Yeah, this diaper does NOT do that.  
  • Unlike some swim diapers that fasten in front, there are no wing flaps to restrict your baby's leg movement.  My son especially loves flailing his legs around, so this is important to me.  

What Will It Cost Me?
  • When I bought my Mother-Ease swim diaper last fall, I paid significantly less than they currently cost.  Today you will spend $22.95 for this diaper.  

Other Considerations

  • The sizing on this diaper is fantastic, because one size should last your baby for a respectable amount of time.  Size small fits babies 10 lbs through 18 lbs; medium works for 18 to 30 pounds; large is designed for kiddos 30 to 40 pounds.  My son is currently just over 16 lbs and has been wearing his small diaper since he was four months old.  He still has room to grow, and I don't think I'll need to buy the next size until this fall at least.
  • The fabric quality is excellent in that it is very snag-resistant.  We've had a few scrapes against rough textures (pool concrete, etc.) and there are absolutely no snags or pulls in the shell.  

Wearing his Mother-Ease at five months old, about 12 lbs.
My Final Word(s)

Despite this price jump, I still highly recommend the Mother-Ease swim diaper.  I plan to buy the next size for Owen once he outgrows size small.  There are other brands of swim diapers which are very comparable and have lower price points, so I will most likely try- and review for you!- those options.  For now, I suggest the Mother-Ease swim diaper as a sure thing!

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