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Rocky Mountain Diapers : Review

Rocky Mountain Diapers are the brainchild of the Colorado Springs Cloth Diaper Market. RMDs are a one-size pocket diaper, and they are available in the store, or online for those not so lucky as to live in Colorado.

I love a good pocket diaper, and this diaper is a superb option that can fulfill your needs from birth to potty learning. Truthfully, this is the closest thing to my perfect diaper that I've tried. The design is nothing earth-shattering, but there are a few little tweaks to common problems with other brands of diapers that make Rocky Mountain Diapers a cut above the competition.

Tweak to Unique

  • The diaper is so easy to adjust and put on baby. Instead of filling the front of the diaper with snaps to change the rise, the fit can be adjusted through elastic along the leg gussets. There are snaps along the length of the hidden elastic, which makes it so simple to tighten the leg and snap it into place. If you have used a FuzziBunz one-size diaper, the idea is the same. I always find it frustrating to get the elastic over the little buttons in the FuzziBunz OS diaper, so the snap in the Rocky Mountain Diaper is a great detail in my book.
Photo courtesty of Cloth Diaper Market dot com
  • The snap system on the front of the diaper has a clean look and is easy to figure out. My family has had issues when trying to use snap diapers with multiple rows of snaps- what comes easily to me, since I use the diapers every day, seems confusing to those new to cloth diapers. RMDs have just one row of snaps along the front. Because the leg holes can be customized to your baby, I find that the second row of snaps isn't necessary. In fact, Owen seems to have a better range of motion at his hips in this diaper!
  • The inside of this diaper is made of a super-soft suede inner, which keeps baby feeling dry. Again, compared to FuzziBunz, this inside cloth seems preferable because it holds less heat in the diaper.
  • The pocket is nice and wide and therefore easily stuffed, and there is a flap over the pocket hole to keep the insert and lining fully inside the diaper. Some pockets skip the addition of this flap, and I find that I have to tuck the lining into the back of those diapers. I never have that problem with Rocky Mountain Diapers.
  • The microfiber insert is long enough to last through potty learning, and can be folded over to add absorbency when your baby needs a lower rise setting. I put the fold of mine in the front so the diaper can last through naps or nighttime use.
  • The color options are adorable! I love the fact that the suede lining of RMDs coordinates with the PUL shell of each diaper style. The way the leg gussets are cut allows you to see a peek of the lining. It is such a thoughtful little touch that makes the diapers look great. A few of the color combinations available include Chocolate and Berry, Mango and Lime, and Grapefruit and Lemon. (Don't they sound like delicious sorbet choices?!) There are also some wonderful prints, including girly Ooga Boogas, Robots, and Giraffes- which you can see Owen modelling in this post!
Function > Form

  • This diaper is easy to stuff, wrap around your baby, and fasten to the right setting around the waist. The legs adjustments are simple to figure out and can easily be changed as your baby grows.
  • Washing and drying is no problem with RMDs. Your normal laundry routine should be plenty to keep both the insert and the shell clean. The diaper will dry more quickly than some other styles because the insert can go through the dryer OR hang on the line. The shell will quickly dry on a line, since it alone has no absorbency.
  • Because the insert is microfiber, you may run into some stink issues over time- that is just the nature of the fiber. There are multiple options for dealing with this problem, should it arise- and frankly, if you have other microfiber diapers and you battle stink, you'll be dealing with all of your microfiber inserts. This potential issue is NOT unique to RMDs and I don't mention it as a deterrent, just as a bit of realism.
  • Rocky Mountain Diapers can deal with a great amount of urine or poo and not betray how hard they are working. Let's just say that my son has tested the limits of the diaper through overnight use and a huge blowout, and I've been completely impressed with the performance of the diaper. No leaks whatsoever, and no staining issues either.
What Will It Cost Me?

Rocky Mountain Diapers currently run $19.95 per diaper, which is on par with the cost of comparable one-size pocket diapers. When purchasing online, shipping will cost about $5.00- though I was offered Free Shipping when perusing the check-out page! Great deal!

Other Considerations

  • If you have an extremely heavy wetter, you can use a doubler in this pocket diaper- a hemp insert would be perfect. The pocket has plenty of room for this type of customization.
  • These diapers are entirely made in the United States, which is great if you're interested in buying American products. If you live in Colorado Springs, you can support a local business by getting your diapers right at the store.
  • The brains behind this awesome diaper are real people- really super nice people, actually! If you check out the Cloth Diaper Market's Facebook page, you'll see proof that they are great with offering cloth diapering support and customer service support as well. Personally, that is the kind of business I'm happy to patronize!
My Final Word(s)
I give Rocky Mountain Diapers one-size pocket diaper an average of 3.75 thumbs up out of a possible perfect 4! It is an easy to use, well-made, reliable diapering option perfect for babies from birth through potty learning. The excellent quality and wonderful function of the diaper make it worth the price tag. It would be ideal for nap times, overnight, heavy wetters, or babies in daycare.

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