Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ode to my Diaper Sprayer

Little diaper sprayer, you changed my cloth diapering world.  At first I didn't need you because my washing machine was strong enough to combat simple breastfed baby poo.  Life moved along easily, and I was blissfully unaware of the poop that was in my future.

When I started to let my baby try some pureed foods, I met Mr. Peanut Butter Poo.  He was an unwelcome adversary.  He stuck to my diapers and forced me to use toilet paper to clean them off.  Sometimes I would try to swish Mr. PBP off in the toilet, only to clumsily drop an entire diaper insert in the murky water.  Gross.

I'm not overly squeamish around poop, diaper sprayer.  It smells bad and looks funny, but I can control my gag reflex regardless (unless I am pregnant, then all bets are off).  But reaching my hand into a cloudy toilet bowl to retrieve a diaper really brought some perspective into my life.  Maybe I should just spend the $45 and try a diaper sprayer after all.  I'm not living in gold-rush-era Colorado, so why am I making this hard on myself?  

You arrived in the mail and my wonderful husband easily attached you to the toilet.  He had to try a few times to stop you from leaking, but it was a quick and painless job.  As an added bonus, you made him feel proud of himself- he can be handy, see?  (Thanks for that, diaper sprayer.)

I won't lie and say we didn't have to get used to each other.  I had a few incidents in which I didn't harness your powerful water pressure, and you sent water flying all over the toilet seat and my legs.  I'll forgive you if you'll forgive me.  Before long, I discovered the best way to use you- diaper in left hand, hanging down.  Sprayer in right hand, facing straight into toilet bowl.  Spray close to diaper, but in the same direction as the hanging cloth so the water gets under the poop and pushes it right off.  

Now that we understand each other, cleaning poopy diapers is so simple.  I don't know how I'd handle solids-poop without you in my life.  You were worth every penny I spent to adopt you into my family.  I only hope that other moms using cloth diapers will consider bringing one of your siblings home to live with them, because it will make their lives easier!

I love you, diaper sprayer!

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  1. I love our bumGenius diaper sprayer! That thing is a life saver. :)