Friday, June 3, 2011

Bac-Out: I'm On Board!

I'm guessing that most people today have a list of things they know they could change to live a "greener" lifestyle. Some changes could be very easy; others would require a mindset makeover or some personal sacrifice. With green living being a huge trend, it can be difficult to see past all of the media hype to the core issues of the "going green" movement.

For me the desire to live more naturally began well before this cultural movement. Understanding how the choices of millions of consumers can negatively or positively impact the environment is important to me, and it informs many of the lifestyle changes I embrace on behalf of my family. I do not see the desire to be environmentally aware as anything more than the conviction that we are all stewards of the planet, and the legacy we leave behind to our children is vitally important.

Enter Bi-O-Kleen, makers of toxin-free household cleaning products. Bi-O-Kleen products consist of natural ingredients, enzymes, and botanicals. They are without fumes, ammonia, harsh chemical toxins, optical brighteners, and many other nasty components of nearly all mainstream cleaning solutions. The Bi-O-Kleen website does a wonderful job of explaining the many toxic hazards lurking in modern household cleaners.

My reason for brining this up does have to do with cloth diapers- stinky cloth diapers, to be specific. I discovered Bi-O-Kleen when I tried Bac-Out, their laundry wonder product. Bac-Out has many possible uses, but where it really shines for me is in my cloth diaper pre-soak. I was beginning to battle stink issues, even with natural fiber diapers. I was getting tired of my diapers smelling faintly (or in some cases, not-so-subtly) of urine. I put approximately 3 teaspoons of Bac-Out in a large pre-wash load of diapers and was completely amazed with the results. This stuff gets my diapers looking and smelling so clean, with absolutely no harsh chemicals- a boon because if I used bleach, I'd have to run many rinse cycles to wash out the chemicals, and that would be a huge waste of water and money. The Bac-Out Stain and Odor Eliminator leaves my diapers smelling brand-new after every single wash. As a bonus, I've noticed that the laundry room smells faintly of citrus after I clean my diapers. (The scent of this stuff is to die for, evoking a walk amongst orange and lemon trees.)

It is so concentrated that the bottle will not be used up too quickly- I'd estimate that mine will last three months or longer. I don't know for certain yet, because at two months my supply is still going strong! To me, the clean smell and look of my diapers is completely worth the extra cost. A little extra spent on diaper care should result in additional longevity- meaning that for my next child, I'll only buy new diapers if I can't resist a cute print.

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  1. I use the BioKleen detergent for my CDs occasionally to keep the yeasties away. It's awesome b/c it has GSE in it!

    I found your blog through BBC. Would love for you to check out mine:

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