Thursday, March 10, 2011

Repurposing Prefolds

I have to say honestly that I'm not a huge fan of prefolds and covers. They work wonderfully for lots of moms, but Owen always seems grouchy when he wears them. They are too bulky for my taste, but we used them for a while because I bought them and wanted to give them a fair chance. I purchased a few in newborn size and a few smalls as well. My short and compact boy has outgrown both sizes, so I've been exploring ways to use the prefolds now that they're not fitting so well on his bum. Of course I could sell them or swap them, but I chose instead to repurpose them in my own home.

First off, they can be tri-folded and laid in any cover. This still produces a thick diaper, but in a pinch (read: if my laundry is still drying) they are useful! Sometimes I'll layer a fleece booster (I use GroVia's) so that the little guy can't feel the wetness so readily. He seems much happier that way.

Of course the thickness and softness of prefolds lends itself easily to burpcloths. The only drawback here is that mine are rather small and when my son spits up, he goes for gold. Still, they will soak up any mess that they miss initially because they are so absorbent.

My mom used to use her prefolds and flats as dust rags- in fact, there are still a few lingering around her house. With a little bit of dusting spray they will pick up debris from furniture and leave things spotless and shining. They don't scratch anything and since they can be washed, I don't worry about throwing out items like paper towels or Swiffer inserts.

Lastly, I have been using our prefolds as a play mat for my son. I lay them out on the rug and I let him play without a diaper for about 10-15 minutes. This gives him a chance to move around freely, and gives his skin time to air dry. I don't have to worry about the rug getting dirty because the prefolds are thick enough to keep things clean and dry underneath. As an added bonus, he loves rolling around on the soft, quilted texture. If I could sew, I might consider stitching them together to make a large play blanket!

How do you repurpose your prefolds or flats when they are too small for diapering use?

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