Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Not Gone- Just Packing

Happy St. Patrick's Day, a bit late!

I can hardly believe that March is nearly over, and my sweet little boy will be five months old this week! As time flies by, I come ever closer to a looming task- completing a trans-Atlantic move. I hope you will continue to visit despite intermittent posting breaks over the next few weeks. We have to pack up and relocate to the states again, and while I'm thrilled, I'm also overwhelmed. I'm sure that anyone who has ever moved understands!

So please, don't stop visiting! I will write as often as I can, and once we get somewhat settled across the pond I will get back to posting in full force. Thanks for understanding, and as always, thanks for reading! I love working on this project and getting feedback from readers that I've helped, even in a small way, is awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with everything. Let those of us state-side know if you need any help. Entering my "energy" phase of the pregnancy, so they tell me. So if you need anything, let me know. Can't wait to see your future posts. I'm getting closer to buying my diaper kit, so you're posts are always helpful.